When in Australia, do what the Australians do

Aussies love gambling and they love online casinos. They love the fact that they are able to enjoy their favorite games right from their homes and without even having to do much. Mobile gambling is equally popular in Australia where people play online games from their mobile phones and I pads. The websites like casinodirectory.com are compatible with a lot of operating systems including apple, android and blackberry.

What games do Australians love to play at the online casinos? Find out for yourself below
The online Roulette:

The word Roulette is derived from the French word meaning the little wheel. The variant of the game in the game is to let the small ball rest on the section that has the number on which the person has staked the bet.

There are many variations of the game where the stake may rest on a particular number to a range of numbers to the colour of the section of the wheel, whether the number where the ball will finally rest will be an odd or an even number.

The game starts when the players have set their stakes and the croupier rotates the wheel and then swiftly drops a small ball on to the moving wheel. The segment in which the ball rests at the time of the stopping of the wheel is the stake that has won the game..

Why do Aussies love this game? Australians love this game because of the simple rules and also the house edge of this game is much lesser than any other game in an online casino. It is perhaps the most popular game and majority of them are hooked to the game.


This is a lottery style of a game which has close similarity to another game called the Bingo! The player has a card where he needs to punch the numbers that is being called out by the person conducting the game. When a number called out is found on the player’s punch card, he has to diligently punch it. The player with all the numbers punched is the winner.


  • Have you ever tried your hand at the craps? It is basically a dice game where the cumulative sum of two dices when they get a 7 or 11 can put the player in the wining league.
  • Rolling a 2, 3 or 12 can be disastrous and can ensure defeat. Craps can be very well categorized as a game of skill involving the rolling of a pair of dices.
  • The player lays a stake on a number and then when he rolls the dice, he must ensure that the cumulative value of both the dices is the number that he has put his stake on.
  • The game’s predecessor was a game called “the Hazard” which was very famous in North America
  • And also played famously be the English soldiers during wars.However this is an over simplified version
  • Of the game and is extremely popular in the Australian subcontinent.

Sic Bo

Sic BO is believed to be an ancient Chinese game which is played by rolling three dices. The western world woke up to this game only recently and even though the rules of the game resemble Craps in a lot of ways, still the game is different in many respects and does entail a lot of excitement when the player who has placed a stake has to arrive at the total with the help of the three dices.


This card game involves two to three players who deal cards and the winner is the one whose card total is a 9 or the number that is closest to 9. The game is well known for the excitement that it can generate especially towards the end of it.


This game is a common card game and at least 80 percent of Australians have some or the other time in their childhood played this game albeit without money. The inclusion of this game at the online casinos has attracted great fanfare since it is a much sought after game in Australian land based casinos as well.


Black jack

This game is also referred to as Twenty-one because a player has to ensure that the card dealt to him cumulatively accounts for 21. Even a digit less or more won’t do.


The numbers called out at random by the caller has to scratch off the coupon that has been printed and handed over to the player. The person who marks off all the numbers on their card is indeed the winner. There are at least a hundred different variants of the game but the classic is an all time winner.